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TO ALL VISITORS… first-time or recycled… new or old-regulars… Invited Guests…

I’m not starting this effort with a lengthy introduction. You either remember me from the early days of the Net, or you’ve never heard of me. If that’s the case, you can choose to learn a little about me in the FAQ. I’m OK with either status, and please understand… with either status this effort represents something of a comeback for me.

This website, at this domain, was actually quite popular a few years back. People followed my “discussions” about my experiences in the advertising, PR and media businesses. My writings ran the gamut from famous people I knew and worked with… to office dramas, politics, romances and affairs of the “Mad Man” kind. Now, years later, I’m trying to pick this up where I left off.

You see, I was a “Mad Man” quite some time before the popular TV show came into being. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no social media as it’s known today. There was no way to quantify your audience the way it exists now with “followers”. We had website visits or “hits” and that’s as close as we came to having any measure of popularity.

My best guess is that I had a respectable following for the time and period… maybe a few thousand, maybe a couple hundred thousand, maybe a million, who knows… I had a substantial audience in the Advertising and PR business that eventually grew into mainstream society and media. Whatever it was, my audience earned me minor “rock star” status as I navigated my way through a strange and sexy business that few people on the outside knew much about.

I wrote and self-published Ebooks and digital articles about my saucy “ad-ventures” as a Creative Account Executive at a Top 10 National Advertising Agency… a well-known agency which was not headquartered in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. I was a frequent interview subject for national trade magazines and media.

I spoke at industry events and gatherings. I mingled with minor and major celebrities. And, on occasion pretended to be someone I wasn’t. I won my fair share of awards and small statues. All in all, I got a little bit famous and slightly richer based on a reputation and sphere of notoriety that was built entirely online. I’ve been gone from it ALL… for nearly 7 years.

I’m going to stop here with any further alliteration of my pseudo-glorious past. But, in case your curiosity has piqued and you’re interested in continuing, please do so… I would love to have my old readers back and as many new readers as possible.. you can pick it up on the FAQ page.

If you are here by my personal invitation through a special link I provided, this ends the publicly accessible portion of this site. The rest of what is on this page is for your eyes only.

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A grounded work ethic and principles…

Once upon a time, I worked for Coach Chuck Noll of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I helped him produce a weekly TV show that was entirely Pittsburgh-originated. Coach Noll was a true innovator, a fabulous mentor and a very scholarly guy.

His approach to achieving success; which he taught to his teams, included making the most of “spontaneous” opportunities and supporting allies who might share the same goals.

Chuck Noll

Of all the lessons I learned from him, that last point is probably the most important. And, it’s probably more important today than it was all those years ago when I was both his co-worker and student. It’s importance was further affirmed and proved for me when I worked with supermodel, Lauren Hutton.

At this point, I should probably provide some details about who I am. Please don’t misconstrue this as the “bragging part”. I hate announcing that I’ve done this or I’ve done that… it’s boring even to me. But, how else will you know. So, here goes…

I am originally from Pittsburgh. I have 30+ years in advertising, marketing, PR and broadcasting. Yes… I am an old dude. In the business“, which is all of the aforementioned disciplines, plus digital communications and marketing, I worked with some of Pittsburgh’s most iconic institutions.

My very first boss was Fred Rogers of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” fame. I was a visual artist for his small but very capable Family Communications Co. at WQED. I created art, set design & decoration, and visual props for his landmark children’s show; plus enjoyed the company of his TV family…

Fred Rogers

I used this TV experience to open doors at Pittsburgh’s NBC network affiliate which was WIIC-TV at the time… now WPXI. WIIC was officially the Steeler station. I was a visual artist there as well, plus a production assistant. And, as I said, I was assigned to work on “The Chuck Noll Show”; working directly for the legendary Steeler coach on his weekly show.

Eventually, this evolved into my acting as a liaison between WIIC Creative Productions and the Steelers PR office which was headed by the great, Joe Gordon. Many of my “work buddies” were members of the teams that won 4 Superbowls with Coach Noll and Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw and Noll

I was very fortunate to be a small part of the Steelers, and to have their prestige reputation rub off on me a bit. I parlayed this good luck into my first, formal, executive position. I landed a job at one of the largest ad agencies in the country. Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove was headquartered in Pittsburgh. At this Top 10 agency, I was appointed to be Creative Account Executive to Ketchum’s largest, high-end retail account: Kaufmann’s Department Stores

My most noteworthy “win” there was hiring model/actress Lauren Hutton (American Gigolo) as Kaufmann’s celebrity spokesperson. I doubt many people these days could appreciate the impact of winning her favor, but it was major… she was a top, international, fashion icon of the day. The time I spent working and hanging with her was life-changing. A great lady. Ad career-wise, I probably owe more to her than anybody I’ve ever met.

Lauren Hutton

That’s a somewhat quick and brief glimpse into my “corporate” background. When I’m asked what all of it was actually like; the word that comes to mind first is “treacherous”. The nature of the biz is… if you’re not forever moving up, you’re eventually moving out. And sooner or later, it just ends. If you do know TV’s “Mad Men”, it’s this REAL life, real “ad man” drama that fueled that TV show’s fictional drama.

Outside of my own Father, Coach Noll has been the most influential person in my life for me doing whatever I do, however I do it. He was more than willing to help me find my way in cultivating his most important pieces of advice. “Always be a true gentleman, everything else will flow from that quality. You will come across people whose lives you might positively impact.”

“And, there’s generally a reason why you’re meant to interact with these people in some way… it could be major, it could be very minor and temporary. Don’t ignore any of these twists of fate. They’ll make you better. If it’s meant to be, it will probably happen. It’s how you might experience the gift of Divine Providence in your life most often.”

Even though I live and work in Scottsdale, Arizona… the back and forth, give and take exchanges that you might expect in an “ally” situation could be easily confined to email. This very informal, unofficial way of working is how I have actually created with many of my existing and former allies… some of whom I’ve never met face-to-face.

I do not skype or do video chats. Phone calls maybe. But, email is my preferred method of communication. And, I won’t bombard you with flurries of emails. I’m a very casual, laid back, conservative guy. I take what I do very seriously, but I do have other interests and causes to serve. So, the degree of importance that is assigned to anything we might share is completely your call and always your call.

If you have questions, comments, complaints, death threats… you can email anything to:

And, if you are not pressed for time and have the interest, I would strongly suggest you go on to the FAQ page. You’ll find more about Coach Noll and the Steelers and my Pittsburgh background there. You might also acquire some insight into what I’ve done… both good and bad.

The Frequently Asked Questions page was the most popular, most read page on my old website by far. You might think about reading it carefully. Some of what is touched on here is substantially amplified there… you could even enjoy a laugh or two.

Thanks much for your attention, and if our communication dies here… please know you are wished the very best for your continued success.

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